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'Viva Forever' Bouquet +Lychee Rose Cake Bundle


(Preserved Flower Bouquet)

Flora Artisan x Divine Artisan

Divine Artisan specialises in the creation of artisanal, handcrafted patisserie. With a team of bakers trained in renowned hotels worldwide, they are committed to producing a wide range of quality cakes, gelato and patisserie that will satisfy both the eye and the palate. Flora Artisan x Divine Artisan 'Viva Forever Bundle' is the perfect combination of visually appealing aesthetics and tantalising palette.

The signature Lychee Rose Cake consists of a rose flavoured sponge, our signature light and airy fresh cream recipe perfumed with rose flavour and fresh lychee bits encased in between. Topped with roasted pistachio nuts, whole lychees, edible rose petals and sakura pink buttercream in gradient, our Lychee Rose cake is an undeniable beauty from all angles.


*Approximate Cake Dimension: 6" inches
*Approximate Bouquet Dimension: 13" inches (W) x 15.75"inches (H)


'Viva Forever' Bouquet +Lychee Rose Cake Bundle

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